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Percy catches his lunchAs we knitters know, knitting new patterns is a very artistic and creative process and this is most evident in the case of Linda Moorhouse, who has not only knitted some wonderful toys in the form of Percy and friends but has gone on to create a fantastic set of stories and adventures for her creations.

Here is Linda's story in her own words:

"I can't remember a time when I wasn't knitting or sewing! I can still feel the praise given to me by the teacher at my Junior School for my cross-stitch picture. We then went on to knit a dish cloth and made mats with a cotton-reel which had nails in the top.

At Secondary School, my friends and I would sew toy mice at dinner time and make clothes for them - it was lots of fun! I immensely enjoyed the dressmaking lessons where we made an apron for the cooking lessons and a sports shirt for PE. This encouraged me to start making my own clothes at home. I also used to unravel knitted sweaters and re-knit them into more up-to-date items.

I have knitted lots of jumpers for myself and my family but best of all I love knitting toys. What a great excuse I had whenever a baby was born - especially when they were my own! Then the best excuse of all, grandchildren!

When we retired, we bought a caravan and I thought we needed a caravan friend so I knitted a penguin and we called him Percy. Each time we went away in the caravan Percy would send a postcard to Rowan & Elliot (our grandsons) telling them where he had been. They loved Percy and wanted to know more about what he had been doing so we started taking photographs which developed into stories. I put these onto the internet so that Rowan & Elliot could see them anytime they wanted.

Soon Percy developed a personality and began to have lots of adventures:Meg *& Matt

  • He helps Hamish feed the red squirrels in Scotland.
  • In Cornwall he plays on the beach.
  • In Yorkshire he helps feed the birds and makes friends with the sheep.
  • He goes walking with Grandad.
  • He visits the Steam Museum.
  • He goes to Woolfest with Granny.
  • He celebrates Christmas with Oakley, the Border Terrier.
  • Grandad shows him how to fish.
  • He helps his American friend trace her family history.

Then Granny knits him a friend, then another, then another and they all have different adventures... I hope your little ones enjoy the stories like Rowan & Elliot do."

The Adventures of Percy, Bailey & Adria: http://www.oldlancaster.co.uk/percy/

We have thoroughly enjoyed Linda's stories and we hope you do too. If you have a story to share, please drop us a line at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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