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Free Knitting Patterns - Father's Day Gift Ideas

fathers day knitting pattern giftsFind the perfect pattern and knit a wonderful Father's Day gift.

The Father's Day holiday was started early in the twentieth century to commemorate the roles that fathers played in parenting their children and to complement Mother’s Day celebrations. Gifts are usually given and there are family oriented activities and special dinners for many fathers.


There is also an International Men’s Day that’s celebrated in a lot of countries, but the US isn’t one of them. Depending on the country that you live in, when and how you celebrate Father’s Day will vary greatly but it’s a time to honor fathers everywhere, no matter where you come from. Many people also honor their grandfathers on that day, although there is also a Grandparents’ Day in the US.

What better way to celebrate the special men in your life than with a hand knit present? We bring you a selection of free knitting patterns and designs and ideas that would make great Father's Day gifts.

So grab a coffee and start browsing!


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